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Hand Crafted Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinders

Pepper Mill with Salad.jpg

Handcrafted Wooden Salt and Pepper Grinders

Our modern style wooden pepper grinders are crafted using a wood lathe. The wood comes from the same fallen trees that we use to craft our wooden salad bowls. Once the wooden peppermill blanks are completely dried they are hand turned, drilled and sanded on a lathe then assembled and coated with hempseed oil. We install the ceramic CRUSHGRIND mechanism in each of our modern pepper mills so that it can be used with either salt or pepper and it will not corrode.

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Donald W.

"Hi Zvi thanks for shipping them out to us so quickly. I love to bbq & cook and using these salt and pepper grinders makes it even better."


"I never thought I would use this pepper grinder as much as I do now. My husband and I leave it out on the kitchen table and use it daily. Everyone that comes over just wants to try it out and we wind up getting pepper all over the counter."

J. K.

“Wow these grinders were perfect for hosting our family reunion dinner at our house. The family probably used much more pepper than they normally would. The wood grain on these are stunning and the craftsmanship is superb. Thank you.”