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Hand Crafted Wooden Bowls

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Our modern style wooden bowls can be used as a chips bowl, wooden salad bowl or even a wooden fruit bowl. These unique wooden bowls are built from local trees that have fallen and are free from cracks. The logs are cut with a chainsaw into bowl blanks then rough turned on a wooden lathe slightly oversized close to the final shape then left to dry from 6 months to over a year depending on the species of wood and size of bowl. Once completely dry the rough turned bowls are then put back on the lathe again for a second time and machined to their final shape then sanded and coated with food safe oils. 

There are basically 2 different shapes "forms" of our wooden bowls that we produce at My Wooden Bowl one is an open form bowl and other is a closed form bowl. The open form bowls are easier to craft and we can produce multiple bowls from the same bowl blank using a bowl coring system. The closed form bowl is more challenging to machine and we can only get one wooden bowl from one bowl blank.

Open form and close form.jpg

Open form Wooden Bowl

Closed form Wooden Bowl

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